Nokia 5200
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Nokia 5200

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7 Mai 2015
  • Extrait Das Smartphone Nokia 5200 wurde in zwei Tests der Zeitschrift Connect und der Webseite begutachtet. Unterm Strich errang das Smartphone Nokia 5200 eine durchschnittliche Note von 2,1, was ein gutes Testergebnis ist. Das Testmagazin vergab die Auszeichnung " gut ".
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Nokia 5200 – бюджетный «музыкант»
1 Décembre 2008
  • Conclusion Диктофон позволяет записывать аудиозаметки. Максимальная продолжительность записи ограничивается только количеством свободной памяти и зависит от выбранного качества записи. Чувствительность микрофона хорошая, но лучше держать прибор рядом с источником звука.
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音乐速播�@Nokia 5200、5300 滑盖双机领风骚
18 Août 2008
  • Conclusion 为手头紧的消费者设计 5200 的硬体规格跟 5300 来比逊色许多,首先,5200 只有搭载 1.8 寸的萤幕,解析度也仅有 128 x 160 pixels,虽然它也有 26 万色的显示能力,但材质却是 CSTN,导致 5200 萤幕看起来的「爽度」就是差 5300 一大截。此外,5200 的相机只有区区的 30 万画素,拍摄效果也无法与 5300 比拟。但世事总是利弊参半,当 5200 上市时,想必售价不会太高。 功能颇为完整 由於是双生机的关系,5200 侧边的按键与 5300 相差不大,但是音乐快捷键却仅有一个,无法直接播放音乐及选曲,方便度大打折扣。诸如蓝芽、红外线、USB...
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Nokia 5200 Review

10 Juin 2008
  • Extrait By the look of it, the phone will surely attract young people with ages between 14 and 20. That's something new from the Finnish giant manufacturer, thus Nokia will be able to meet the demands of a new segment of customers.
  • Avantages: Design comes first and maybe the price. You can use it as an iPod if you don't like phones:). It doesn't have any new or incredible features, but it does its job. It's the ideal solution for music freaks with low budget.
  • Contre: Well, for its price, I can't point out the weaker points of this handset, it wouldn't be right. It's worth exactly its price, so it's normal to include lower features than usual. Anyway, I don't know about the material ... plastic. Hmm, it's pure plastic and I assure you it's very thin so watch i...
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Nokia 5200
13 Mai 2008

老机换新装 粉红色诺基亚滑盖5200图赏
23 Avril 2008
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Nokia 5200

17 Octobre 2007
  • Sommaire: There's no denying that the Nokia 5200 has a number of plus points including a funky design, good battery life and easy-to-use menu system. It's just a shame it's let down by iffy headphones and camera
  • Avantages: Funky design; easy to use; good music features.
  • Contre: Rubbish headphones; woeful camera.
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Nokia 5200, The eXpress Review – Hands On

22 Juillet 2007
  • Conclusion The design of the terminal Nokia 5200’s design seems to be borrowed from LG’s Chocolate design, but as some of you many know this is a usual thing concerning the hones that were launched after LG’s big market success terminal.
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音乐先锋 诺基亚5200与索爱W200对比
29 Avril 2007
  • Conclusion 待机 诺基亚5200在电池方面配备了BL-5B的电池,在待机时间的测试过程中,经过了平均每天约20条短信收发、20分钟通话、30分钟mp3播放、1小时FM收音、20分钟游戏,手机能够维持约45小时的待机时间,其在待机时间的表现方面较为一般,不过能够满足一般日常的使用需求。倘若将5200充当为音乐播放器使用,其待机时间则会更进一步的缩短。索爱W200c配备的是750毫安时的电池,在与5200同样的测试条件下,W200约能维持30小时左右,因此会比5200差了一截。 两部手机的电池容量都不高...
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音乐新宠 诺基亚5200与索爱W200c对比
23 Avril 2007
  • Conclusion 总结评定 图为:诺基亚5200与索爱W200c 诺基亚5200与索尼爱立信W200c的激烈过招来到这里已经接近尾声,实力雄厚的诺基亚介入音乐手机市场在很大程度上撼摇了索尼爱立信在音乐手机的垄断地位,当然芬兰巨人的目标绝不仅于此,竞逐音乐手机头把交椅将是诺基亚未来的重要目标之一。 图为:诺基亚5200与索爱W200c...
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