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LG KF510

LG KF510 LG KF510 est un mince et compact coulissant télépho Lire plus

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Mobiltelefon LG KF510 (31.10.2008)

Area DVD
27 Novembre 2013

Elokwentny elegant ze stali

12 Mars 2013
  • Extrait Tylko patrzeć, jak rynki stali będą przeżywać nie lada progres! Producenci telefonów komórkowych coraz chętn iej osłan iają swoje zdobycze techniki teleinformatycznej metalowymi obudowami. Plastik odchodzi do lamusa. I dobrze! Stalowy LG KF510 jest trwały i bardziej ekologiczny. To dobry trend, ale kilku rzeczy mu brakuje... Elegancki i odporny telefon w metalowym body. Brakuje Wi-Fi. Świetny - jak na możliwości komórki aparat fotograficzny ze zbędnym systemem błysku.
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LG KF510

16 Décembre 2012
  • Extrait Одним из таких телефонов является герой нашего обзора – LG KF510. Телефон обладает харизмой, присущей не такому уж большому количеству устройств среди мобильных. Поэтому подробно описывать внешний вид телефона мы не будем, а только расскажем о том, как ведет себя корпус в процессе эксплуатации, и об элементах управления.
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LG KF510 Cell Phone Review

30 Septembre 2012
  • Sommaire: The in built music player lets you enjoy music on the go as the music player is designed to support the MP3 format with a number of music player features that would offer you an excellent music experience. The handset support both MP3 and polyphonic ringtones. There is an in built FM radio features that offers non stop entertainment. The handset also lets you access the web through its WAP web browser as it is designed to support XHTML web pages.
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LG KF510

Trusted Reviews
5 Février 2011

Обзор LG KF510 – стильный телефон с хорошими мультимедийными возможностями

21 Juillet 2010
  • Conclusion По качеству связи телефон показывает вполне приемлемые результаты – громкости и уровня приема сигнала достаточно для большинства ситуаций. К явным конкурентам героя сегодняшнего обзора можно отнести телефоны Samsung U900 , Sony Ericsson S500i , Z760i. Все это интересные внешне модели со схожим функционалом.
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Touch-sensitive controls and lighting effects

Good Gear Guide.au
14 Octobre 2009
  • Sommaire: LG’s KF510 is an interesting device that provides a well-implemented touchpad control system. The lighting effects are a nice touch, but this isn’t the greatest phone in terms of features. However, it represents good value at this price.
  • Avantages: Design, thin frame, responsive touchpad, interactive lighting effects, slide-out keypad
  • Contre: No 3G, no real outstanding features, no 3.5mm headphone jack, flimsy rear cover
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Son 8
Ecran 8

LG KF510

6 Octobre 2009
  • Sommaire: LG hat mit dem Chocolate Phone die Handy-Sensortasten erstmals in Deutschland eingeführt und dieses Stilelement seit dem immer wieder verwendet. So auch beim Sliderhandy LF510, dessen schlichte Zahlentastatur ebenfalls eindeutig die Design-Handyschrift des Chocolate Phones trägt. Umhüllt wird das KF510 zum Teil von einem Metallkorpus, sodass es auch derbe Stöße locker wegsteckt. Unschön nur, dass der Akkudeckel ein wenig wackelt.
  • Avantages: Robuste Metallschale, Guter E-Netz-Empfang, Gute Sprachqualität
  • Contre: Für Actionspiele nicht geeignet, Wenig Speicherplatz
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LG KF510

5 Octobre 2009
  • Extrait LG is known to pull no punches when it comes to dazzling designs. And the KF510 looks nothing less than spectacular. A shiny metallic finish, a classy silver strip running around the edge, and a black-gray gradient on the front and back… flamboyance could well be its middle name. The device is thin enough at 104.5 x 49.5 x 10.9 mm, but at 91g it's also a bit heavy for its size. So far so good, but does it live up to its looks? Let's find out.
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Avis de Pro

11 Septembre 2009
  • Conclusion Put any other phone next to this and it would be like putting a FIAT next to a Ferrari. Actually because this phone's lacking 3G it's more like a Ferrari with a FIAT's engine. There, that's a better analogy.
  • Avantages: Wait a minute that's the LG Shine KE970 isn't it? Actually it's an update of the Shine but this time it comes with touch-sensitive keys and an improved 3.2-megapixel camera with auto-focus. It proves a winning formula - the metallic body, LED-illuminated keypad, slick slider action and After Eight-thin 10.9mm body give it an upper-class feel, while the camera takes super-sharp shots, and the integrated music player spits out ear-tickling audio...
  • Contre: ...as long as you invest in a set of quality third-party headphones and adapter. Seriously, the bundled earbuds do the sound quality about as much justice as a Formula 1 steward. And while this may be upper class in the style stakes, it's definitely only cattle class in the features department with the lack of full-on 3G (there's only EDGE) proving unforgivable.
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