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Review: HTC DROID Incredible is the iPhone killer

Mobile Magazine
12 Août 2013
  • Conclusion For those who looking for a new phone: look no further than the DROID Incredible by HTC. For those who are waiting for the new iPhone to be announced, if Apple doesn’t at least meet all (or most) of the features in this device, feel confident in jumping ship with me.
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HTC Droid Incredible :

1 Juillet 2013
  • Sommaire: Non manca praticamente nulla all'Incredible, tranne una data di commercializzazione europea...
  • Avantages: Processore SnapDragon, dotazione di meoria, interfaccia Sense, numerosi widget, comparto multimediale
  • Contre: Dubbi sulla commercializzazione europea
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HTC Droid Incredible
17 Juin 2011
  • Conclusion Con una pantalla touch ultrasensible de muy buen tamaño y un sistema operativo tan amigable para el usuario como lo es el Android 2.2 Froyo, el HTC Incredible es uno de los equipos más funcionales del mercado con el que podrás navegar por Internet a tus anchas y además estar siempre en contacto con...
  • Avantages: Su pantalla de 3.7 pulgadas touch LCD con una definición y sensibilidad sobresaliente. Tiene una memoria interna de 8GB, cámara de 8 megapixeles, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth y GPS.
  • Contre: No se le puede considerar un equipo multitask del todo, ya que no puedes realizar una llamada y navegar por Internet al mismo tiempo de manera eficiente.
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Предварительный обзор смартфона HTC Incredible S
15 Février 2011
  • Sommaire: Небольшая тайваньская компания HTC буквально за последние годы выросла в одного из главных мировых производителей смартфонов. Однако производитель на этом не останавливается и представляет сегодня в Барселоне свой первый планшет – Flyer.
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Is this the Droid You've Been Looking For?

Gear Patrol
23 Octobre 2010
  • Extrait If you didn’t already bite on the Motorola Droid or the HTC made Google branded Nexus One , then your patience might have just paid off. Announced yesterday as coming to Verizon, the HTC Droid Incredible falls in line with the new slew of high powered Android smart phones storming the market.
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HTC Droid Incredible Review
13 Octobre 2010
  • Extrait The HTC Droid Incredible: with a name like that, expectations are high for HTC’s latest Android release. It’s comparable to the HTC Desire , but it packs some extra features and it’s the only device of its kind, at least for now, that’s geared for the US market.
  • Avantages: + AMOLED display is excellent
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The HTC Droid Incredible might be the best Android phone available

Good Gear
6 Octobre 2010
  • Sommaire: The HTC Incredible is one of the most impressive Android phones available with a gorgeous display, slick user interface, and lightning-fast processor.
  • Avantages: Sense UI adds fun, social element to Android, very fast performance
  • Contre: Boring music player
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Avis de Pro
6 Octobre 2010
  • Conclusion The Droid Incredible follows HTC's standard remix formula: Two parts existing phoneware—Android 2.1 with Sense, speedy processor—one part fresh spice—Verizon's network...
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Droid Incredible by HTC (Verizon Wireless)

PC Magazine
30 Septembre 2010
  • Conclusion HTC and Verizon Wireless have released the best Android phone so far with the Droid Incredible.
  • Avantages: Great-looking screen. Lots of power. Good call quality. Gorgeous interface additions.
  • Contre: Camera doesn't live up to 8-MP billing. No voice dialing over Bluetooth. Android still lacks many apps compared to iPhone platform.
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HTC Droid Incredible Review Roundup. Consensus: It's The Best Android Phone On The Market, Hands Down

Android Police
12 Août 2010
  • Extrait The Incredible review units have been arriving to some of the big sites in the past week, and the embargo is now off. Here I've assembled a collection of the best available review posts and videos, so that you can get the full Incredible experience before committing to a The general consensus is:...
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