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Maclaren Twin Triumph

10,6kg (sans capotes, paniers ou protection pluie) Jusqu’à Lire plus

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bof ou bien ?

Nicolas, Amazon
27 Août 2009
  • Sommaire: pas de descriptif ?? je suis intéressé mais pas d'info précise... alors quoi, les bretons... bref je vais aller trouver bonheur au vatican, bibi.
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Great stroller

thedudesurfing, Ebay
8 Juin 2013
  • Sommaire: This is the best stroller I have ever owned. It is a smooth ride and strong. My children love riding in it as well, there is no screaming when placing them in it. It is easy to set up and take down.
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Awesome stroller and the price unbeatable!!

patluna08, Ebay
3 Juin 2013
  • Sommaire: Absolutely Love! I have a 1 1/2 year old and a 7 month old and this stroller exceeds my expectations. It's super light weight to push compared to others I've owned. The kids have have so much room to stretch there legs being there side by side and the reclining of the sits is just perfect. The only thing I would change about this stroller is the small baskets underneath but besides that its amazing.
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" Aweful…"

KateW1970, Mumsnet
22 Avril 2013
  • Extrait I have to say Maclaren's single stroller was brilliant for my eldest but I bought the twin triumph for my twins and I have not stop swearing at it and complaining to Maclaren's. Points I made to Maclaren's are: the middle hinge of the canopy/sunshade sticks out at head height of the babies. This is extremely dangerous as the babies can, and have done, bash the side of their heads against this hard pointy hinge! Fatal!
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Finally we have space again in our car boot!

14apart, Prams
24 Mars 2012
  • Sommaire: Nice, light and easily foldable buggy. Our children both love sitting in it. The 5-point belt and flexible backrest give them lots of freedom to move, without any danger of them falling out.
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An excellent value compact and light double pushchair

Lools_24, Dooyoo
17 Janvier 2011
  • Extrait As much as I love my main pushchair (Baby Jogger City Mini Double) I needed another double pushchair to keep at my mum's house for when she looked after my boys. My mum is very small and has problems with her back therefore we needed to find a double pushchair that was very light and easy to fold / move about when folded. The choice was very limited but we did find the Maclaren Twin Triumph met her approval.
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A very nice buggy

Twinny2010, Prams
11 Novembre 2010
  • Sommaire: This buggy is incredible! What I didn't see from the pictures was that the bag at the back of the backrest has stripes on it, making it look even more stylish. The buggy is very easy to fold and very lightweight.
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mis 2 bebes

negrilarach, Ciao
24 Juin 2010
  • Sommaire: En mi opinión este producto es exelente; sencillo y sin complicaciones.. con todos los elementos necesarios para cuidar de los bebes y llevarlos de paseo en un lugar seguro. muy comodo para aquellos que tienen 2 niños pequeños... me gusta muchisimo saber que hay productos como este; donde no te complicas por llevar 2 carritos o tener que cargar a uno de tus bebes.. cómodo, seguro y muy confortable para los reyes de la casa..
  • Avantages: llevas 2 chicos
  • Contre: ninguna
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Not cumbersome or difficult to use or move

Dangey2009, Dooyoo
14 Juin 2010
  • Extrait We had always owned a single pram/pushchair for our first son who is now just over two years old. We toyed with the idea of getting a double pushchair for a while before my next son was born who is now just over three months old and in the end decided to take the plunge and buy this particular model, the McLaren Twin Triumph. I had heard good things about this manufacturer and have to say that so far although it's early days am not disappointed.
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fits through shop doorways!

toes10, Made for Mums
29 Mai 2010
  • Sommaire: I liked it, but it wasnt easy enough for me to use. It was impossible to get on a bus and was too big once folded. The children were comfy in it - but I wasn't comfy pushing it!!
  • Avantages: it is not too wide so will for through most doorways and aisles in shops. Looks nice and seems comfy. seats recline individually so baby can be sleeping whilst toddler isnt!
  • Contre: shopping baskets quite small - and you need a decent size basket when you are carrying 2 kids about!!! Hard to collapse - mine seemed very stiff and never seemed to loosen up! Cannot be steered easily - really takes alot of effort. Heavy - though supposed to be a light tandem!
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