Dell Alienware Aurora
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Dell Alienware Aurora

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Dell Alienware Aurora R4

20 Janvier 2012
  • Conclusion What can we take away from our time with Alienware's most advanced desktop to date? Well, we've learned that the Aurora R4 has a lot in common with previous Alienware PCs; it's every bit as eye-catching, but more to the point, it's still somewhat overpriced and a little underpowered.
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Dell Alienware Aurora Gaming PC

6 Mars 2010
  • Extrait Alienware is known for being the one-stop solution for gaming PCs and laptops, and their Aurora and new Area-1 series of gaming desktop PCs affirm that fact. When discussing performance and gaming PCs, terms like powerful processor, whopping amount of RAM, dual-GPUs and such are most common, but,...
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