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Acer Aspire AZ3101

Cet ordinateur de bureau tout-en-un équipé d’un écran tactile Fu Lire plus

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held up to a teenager

Rob, Amazon
31 Janvier 2013
  • Sommaire: i got this as a christmas present for my son and he is able to play some games on it. the graphics card isnt top of the line but it will work for him to do homework, watch movies and light gaming. i like how portable it is.
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Great Product

Jeffrey Fuchs "JEFF", Amazon
3 Août 2012
  • Sommaire: Had it for a week now- super fast- super easy to use. Product came as described. So far very happy with the purchase and the product. Would recommend.
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Darlene Haden, Amazon
8 Décembre 2011
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Nice all in one computer

Gary H, Amazon
1 Décembre 2011
  • Sommaire: I have a much faster computer than the Acer AZ3101-U4062, but I bought it because it was on a deal site and I wanted an all in one computer that would not clutter up my desk like all the other desktops I have. I got it today, plugged it in and it installed the OS from HD. The screen is beautiful and the sound is great.
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BAD, BAD, BAD........

Nguyen, Amazon
26 Octobre 2011
  • Sommaire: Rigth the first day use, Windown couldn't connect to Internet. Sent back to company. Two week for repair it, Company ship it back again to me. It still had same trouble on second time use (can't connect to Internet) and have one more trouble: During my working, Moniter shud down by self, could not get windown back. I needed shud down my comp and start it back. All my works were lost.
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A decent Machine but!!!!

25 Juin 2011
  • Sommaire: I did not find the computer all that lacking but the documentation and the tutorials were woefully inadaquate. The bigger issue was the ACER support. It is NON EXISTENT. I called them two times over insignificant matters and both times they said "My question was outside the scope of normal support" then they extorted me for $100.00 to answer a question. the second time I simply asked where is the software located to turn on the Internal Webcam.
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Awesome touch screen PC for the price

J. McDaniel, Amazon
13 Avril 2011
  • Sommaire: Well, you can pretty much see from the specs that this is a powerful touch screen PC for the price. I use this instead of a TV in my bedroom and both I and my husband have fallen in love with it. The audio sounds great and the video is great as well. 7 runs very smoothly on it and it handles multi-tasking well. The lack of cords is very nice - there's just one cord, the power cord. It comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard.
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Experience after one month

Rocky 65, Amazon
17 Février 2011
  • Sommaire: For the money you get a lot of computer with a beautiful display and good sound. It is fast with the 2.8 GHz processor, a big hard drive, and 4 GB memory. There is a CD/DVD read-write and a built in web cam. The hardware looks good on your desk and when the keyboard is under the display it takes much less room than a large laptop. PC Magazine gives ACER a significantly better frequency of repair than Dell or HP.
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