Billion BiPAC 7300
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Billion BiPAC 7300

Billion BiPAC 7300 Billion BiPAC 7300 est une (802.11g) Lire plus

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Performance 7

Billion BiPAC 7300GX

PC Authority
31 Mars 2009

Billion BiPAC 7300GX (produkttest) - router med internetbackup via 3G

1 Mars 2009
  • Sommaire: Adgang til internet er sikret med BiPAC 7300GX. Går ADSL-forbindelsen ned, skiftes hurtigt over på 3G-datanettet. Du vil altså ikke opleve at stå uden internet.
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Note générale 7
Performance 5

Billion BiPAC 7300N, a good value ADSL2+ modem router

PC Authority
20 Décembre 2008
Note générale 9

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Good Gear
1 Août 2008
  • Conclusion A PC Card slot allows this ADSL modem/router to double as a 3G modem/router. It performed very well in our tests and ships with a car kit, which, in effect, can turn your car into a mobile hotspot.
  • Avantages: Produced excellent results in our speed tests, can distribute an Internet connection from a 3G PC Card, has good filtering and security options
  • Contre: Doesn't have 802.11 draft-n capability, doesn't have MIMO antennas
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Low price and plenty of features

Good Gear
26 Juin 2008
  • Conclusion You'll get plenty out of this all-in-one unit, which contains an ADSL2+ modem as well as an 802.11 draft-n access point. It's easy to use and best of all, it's very well priced.
  • Avantages: Can work with ADSL2+ and cable accounts, inexpensive, QoS, customisable firewall settings, easy set-up
  • Contre: At this price you can't go wrong, but it was a little slow in 802.11n-only mode
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Billion BiPAC 7300G review

TechRadar UK
27 Août 2007