Dyson DC22
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Dyson DC22

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Тест Dyson Baby DC22 Allergy Parquet

13 Août 2011
Note générale 8

Review of Dyson DC22 vacuum cleaner

All About You
25 Septembre 2010
  • Avantages: Sturdy and compact, Quite lightweight, Useful quick start instructions, Good dust pick-up on carpet, laminate and floorboards
  • Contre: Minimal instructions, Poor pet hair removal, Poor edge cleaning
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Dyson DC22 Turbinehead Review

Vacuum Reviews World
28 Avril 2010
  • Extrait My Dyson DC22 Turbinehead review : Powered by a digital motor, the Dyson DC22 Turbinehead vacuum is one good looking machine. Since it’s a canister vacuum, it is actually about 1/3 the size of a normal upright Dyson.
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Note générale 10
Qualité/Prix 8
Looks 10
Usability 10

Dyson DC22 Baby Allergy

26 Juin 2009
  • Extrait This is the smallest cylinder cleaner from Mr Dyson and it showcases a new Cyclone system that employs another level of tiny cyclones to draw out even smaller particles from the air flow. But does all that techy speak mean it’s a good vacuum?
  • Avantages: Thanks to the even smaller cyclones, this is the most efficient Dyson so far. The compact size means it’s more easy to store under the stairs than Harry Potter, but it still manages to carry around its various attachments by clipping them to the back. It looks unmistakably Dyson too, like a brigh...
  • Contre: The plastic jug is rather small and if you don’t empty it regularly, the fluff that’s spinning in the cyclone will make it lose suction. And you can’t have that!
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