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Dyson DC22

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Pleasantly suprised.

M. R. Davies "Martyn", Amazon
12 Mars 2014
  • Sommaire: We had a stand up Dyson before this - unbelievably the first ever model made. It was held together by duck tape and loveling encouraged to carry on each day - but eventually died. So given that we'd had it for so long, we looked immediately to another Dyson. Only to discover that there are many many more options now. I'm glad we choice this one. Its VERY small, but holds our large 2 / 3 bed flats uber dustiness with aplomb.
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love it

catherine, Amazon
22 Février 2014
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Spot on.

Clarissa White, Amazon
5 Février 2014
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Love my Dyson

Maddy, Amazon
13 Janvier 2014
  • Sommaire: Great vacuum cleaner, have been using it for quite awhile now and am pleased. I have two cats who run amok and i have to do heavy duty vacuuming at least 4-5 times a week on top of the normal vacuuming of floors. Only quibble is the fact that the dust container is a small capacity. I find myself emptying it after each vacuum. (Nope my house is not a 20 bed mansion...
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Dyson doesn't live up to claims.

Maureen Watson, Amazon
5 Janvier 2014
  • Sommaire: Cord too short. Pushes fluff around doesn't pick up unless I take the brush head off.Suction not as good as my old Hoovermatic. Have to keep moving machine around to reposition , I understand the later models have been designed with a ball action which obviously should rectify this problem.The hose takes several attempts to get it to hold its storage position often comes out of clip. This is my second attempt with Dyson hoovers, I gave my first Dyson upright away!!
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Best Vacuum cleaner

Fahad Khan, Amazon
2 Novembre 2013
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Dyson hält was es verspricht.

ullip80, eBay.de
29 Octobre 2013
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Dysen DC22 Animal, immer wieder!

mike-the60, eBay.de
11 Octobre 2013
  • Sommaire: Einfach gesagt wie es ist, habe noch nicht einen so geilen Staubsauger besessen wie diesen. Saugkraft verlußt gleich null, wenn ich da meine alten Beutelstaubsauger betrachte (viele Nahmhaften, wie Siem..., Bos.., Vorw..., oder Kir..) können alle nicht mithalten. Bin eigentlich gesagt hin und weg, haben Ihn nun 5 Tage und Tierhaare, war bei den meissten ein großes Thema. Beim Dyson ein kleines von vielen was er ohne zu mossern meistert.
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Not all I hoped for!

Sheila Phillips, Amazon
31 Août 2013
  • Sommaire: I chose this Dyson to replace my old DC05 animal. It does not do as good a job and I wish I had kept my old Dyson (I loved that machine!) and had it repaired by Dyson (I didn't know that could be done until after I had disposed of it). The DC22 is actually heavier than I expected and takes a bit of lugging about for a cylinder vacuum. It seems less robust than the DC05 and I have not found it to be as user friendly or as efficient on suction.
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Jesse Nandra "Molecular Audio", Amazon
22 Août 2013
  • Sommaire: Dyson. Never loses suction... Because it doesn't have any. Sarcasm aside (but I hope I made you chuckle), this isn't a very good hoover. My parents once owned a Dyson (which was some ancient model they bought secondhand) and they weren't impressed by its less than stellar suction performance. After years of trying to convince them that Dyson hoovers have evolved and become much better, we decided that we would invest in one of these compact cylinder Dysons.
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